Hi, there. My name is Sean, and I run Cross River Pictures. Generally speaking, if you're doing business with "us," you're very likely going to be working with me. 

I direct, produce, edit and (sometimes) shoot the things that we make, and I bring in other cool artists on a project-by-project basis, so it's tailored exactly to your needs.

Wanna make something big and slick, with a giant crew of people who all say the word "copy" a lot?  

Copy that.

Are you just looking for one person to swing by your office and shoot a quick, fun video? 

Just tell me when and where.

Maybe you're another video production company, and you're just looking for someone to make some pretty pictures.

 I like making pretty pictures. 


Essentially, I'm in the business of making images that, hopefully, resonate with people. 

In addition to my work in moving images, I'm also available for still photography work.


People we love

Remember how we talked about "other cool artists" a little farther up on the page?

Well, here's a few folks who we love to work with.


Chris Loughran - Cinematographer

Chris is an extremely talented cinematographer who we've worked with on a lot of projects. Like ... almost all of them.

Chris shot the pieces we did for Medisafe, Path, Yapp, The Tuck, and even Sean's short film Total Performance, which you can totally watch if you're interested. It's kinda neat. 


Brandon Vincent - Cinematographer

Brandon is another exceptional cinematographer who we really like. Brandon's worked with us on Medisafe, as well as a bunch of other fun stuff over the years. He also has a cat named Mario. We haven't met Mario, but he seems cool.



Harris Karlin - Audio Wizard

We typically hire Harris whenever we need something to sound excellent (so, most of the time). Harris has over a decade of experience in sound for film and television, and he's a true pro.


Cesar Suarez - Composer

Cesar is an incredibly talented composer, who we've worked with on a few projects. He scored the promo for Yapp, as well as Sean's short film Total Performance. 


Maya Landi - Hair and Makeup Artist

Maya is always everyone's favorite person on-set.

Seriously. Always.

Her work spans across Film, TV, Commercials and Stage, and her hair color is constantly changing.